Mentors - Your Local Experts

What is a mentor and how can they help?

You and your team may have the ideas and the passion and even the skills to create a great project, but it’s always a good idea to check in with the experts. There are many people in our community who will help you champion your cause by sharing their own expertise in certain areas. Your parents, teachers, neighbours, local business people, philanthropists, artists and many others are potential mentors for your team. Even if you have some of your own mentors, there will be 2 scheduled mandatory Mentorship nights; one in phase 1 for all participants, and the second for the phase 2 finals teams only. These will provide opportunities for you to ask questions and get advice from local experts about different aspects of your project. Whenever you are asking for help with your project, prepare ahead and make the most of their time and yours! You are encouraged to create a relationship with your mentors and seek their advice and encouragement throughout the process. Remember that the use of mentors is an important part of your evaluation in both phases of the project. Beyond this they can become great contacts for you in the future! Always communicate with them professionally and respectfully. Once you are a registered team, you will receive a password link to our current mentor list where you can communicate with them directly through email.

Click Here to See a Few of Our Past Mentors