Our Community Partners

When our whole community comes together to support each other, great things can happen. We are always looking to include more organizations to partner with us so we can offer this platform for change to the young people in our city. We invite you to be a part of this movement for sutainability.


JCI (Junior Chamber International) Kelowna is pleased to be an organizing partner of the Sustainable Development Challenge. As an organization focused on implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals on a local level, we are a group of young professionals and leaders that support the SDC through promotion, recruitment, mentorship, event organization and support, and actively collaborating with other local not for profits. JCI is proud to be a key player in supporting the next generation of change makers and leaders!  As young active citizens ages 18-40, we are thrilled to empower these students to make their project dreams a reality. For more information about JCI Kelowna or to become a member, please visit www.jcikelowna.com

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The Global Empowerment Coalition of the Central Okanagan (known as GECCO) connects, educates, and motivates transformative change in the Okanagan community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  GECCO is a Chapter of the BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC). Gecco has played an important role in the SDC through financial and administrative support as well as partnering to promote the Challenge within the community. www.bccic.ca


KCR (Kelowna Community Resources) is a not for profit agency fostering diversity, collaboration and resourcefulness by tailoring services to meet community, family and individual needs. KCR has helped to promote the importance of the Global Goals within the community and supported us by helping to connect teams to local NGO partners. www.kcr.ca


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Green Okanagan is excited to be partnered with the SDC. GO is a volunteer led, grass roots organization whose goal is to encourage our local Okanagan community to progress sustainability by empowering them to make smart consumer choices. They are passionate about zero waste living and they strive to engage in our community and drive sustainable change. They are partnering with the SDC by sharing their expertise and providing leadership in ensuring all aspects of the Challenge from student projects to our public outreach are modelling real sustainability. www.greenokanagan.org

Sponsorship Partners

We can’t do this alone! The Sustainable Development Challenge is a competition and as such does not qualify for grant money. Each year a generous supporter has put forward the prize money for the first place team. We would like to award more of our top teams with start up capital to complete their projects.

If you or your organization are interested in offering in-kind support or financial donations, we have a variety of options and ways you can help our youth as they compete in the Challenge. As a non-profit, Global Citizen Events relies on the support of the community for the prize money, event space, promotions and more. Contact us to become a financial sponsor.


Thank you Rotary Club of Kelowna for believing in our youth

The Sustainable Development Challenge thanks The Rotary Club of Kelowna for providing the top prize of $5,000! This $5,000 sponsorship ensures that the students in the Challenge will be able to go on and achieve tremendous impact. It's because of organizations like The Rotary Club of Kelowna that we are able to empower students to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The prize money will be presented live on February 26th at the Mary Irwin Theatre. Event starts at 6:30pm.

SDC 2020 financial support requests

*All donations will receive a tax receipt

2nd place team project prize - $1500 (voted by our panel of experienced judges)

3rd place team project prize - $1000 (voted by our panel of experienced judges)

Plan B project winner - $500 (voted by our panel of experienced judges)

Fan Favourite - $250 (voted on by the audience)

Operational costs - rental of facility and tech support - $1200

Promotional material - posters, media, medals etc. $750