2019 Challenge Winners:

Nairobi Water Harvest


 On February 27th, 2019 Angelee Dofeliz, Julia Stevenson and Melanie Ramos alongside other Immaculata students took part in the Sustainable Development Challenge, sponsored by JCI Kelowna. The Nairobi Water Harvest team have been continuously working on their project behind the scenes after winning $5000. “We have been inspired by our community and the mentors we have met throughout the entire process. This could only be possible with the kind hearts of other people who have given up their time to support us”, Julia mentioned. They have been working closely with their partner NGO Hope for the Nations. By May 2019 the project has been completed and the Gateway School now has clean drinking water. See the children’s thank you video below.

SDC 2018 Winners:

Operation Take 2

From a simple high school project to a burgeoning social and environmental movement, Operation Take Two sets an example of what passion and youth leadership can accomplish.


Operation Take Two is a youth-led social enterprise revolutionizing the global issue of waste by paring it down to a replicable, community response. They do this by packing everything needed to recycle plastic waste into a repurposed shipping container—allowing them to transform plastic waste into practical, one-of-a-kind items such as plant pots and reusable grocery bags.

Through the sale of these items, they generate a profit that not only ensures the project’s sustainability but allows them to expand the project to new cities and invest in other community youth-led initiatives. In this way, they equip young people with valuable social and entrepreneurial skills and create a self-sustaining community hub for youth-led creativity, education, and empowerment. Read more about this amazing team on their website.

Sicanang Well Project

alex d.jpg

This 2019 SDC Finalist team faced many challenges along the way, but they never gave up. They fought long and hard, fundraising and advocating until they got water pumped to 10 homes of villagers who suffer with leprosy in Indonesia. Before this amazing team brought this gift to them, the villagers had to walk a long way, often having to wait for hours before struggling to carry the water back to their homes. 

Savannah, Sophie, Cara, and Alex, you have shown us all how to persevere, never give up, and to stand up for the vulnerable. You were committed to helping these people, and you did. Thank you!

Shanti Niketan Well Project


Another top team from Kelowna Christian School didn’t take no for an answer. They didn’t win the challenge, but they were so determined to bring water to the orphanage they visited with their school mission team, that they found a way!

Pitching to local businesses and telling their inspiring story to the community, the team was able to raise $10,000 in just over a month.

See the video below showing the moment when they struck water! The Shanti Niketan Orphanage now has clean life changing water! Never give up on your goals. Winning isn’t everything.

2018 Finalist:

Mission Roots Cafe

This group of philanthropic entrepreneurs continue to run their sustainable cafe. They recently won the IGEN competition and have a strong future ahead of them. They are educating the students and staff at OKM about local charitable giving and living a vegan lifestyle. See their Challenge entry here.

Photos from our 2018 and 2019 Challenges!


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