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Phase 1 Abstract

The abstract is handed in after the Phase I steps have been completed on or before the posted deadline on the calendar. It is the first stage in working through the a general plan of your overall project which should be eventually based on the Project Criteria. All abstract questions should be addressed, even if they are in the planning stages. The abstract will be judged to determine which teams will move forward to phase 2 to present in the SDC. Attach your answers to the link below. Include in the email the team information form. A maximum # of entries will be selected and the organizer will notify the teams in early January if they are in the SDC finals. Notifications will also be sent to the teams who did not qualify. All will be welcome to attend the Sustainable Development Challenge Event!


The purpose of this abstract is to assess potential candidates for the Sustainable Development Challenge (SDC) to be held in February.

Complete the following abstract form and submit by the deadline.

The Questions

A team of experienced project evaluators will review all submissions and will choose the projects they believe most able to be developed into a viable project.

Please complete the following and submit online.

1. Briefly describe your project and how you would spend $5000.

2. Which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is its primary focus? How will it impact the other goals?

3. Describe your chosen charity and what they do. How will your project ‘fill a gap’ for your charity?

4. Is your team starting to build on each others’ strengths? Explain.

5. Are you consulting with a mentor to discuss your project? Who are they and how have they helped?

Have you thought about:

How is your project Sustainable? Have you considered the potential impact of economic, political, geographic and cultural biases on your project?

Are there marketing or social media opportunities to get others interested in your project?

Can you create a realistic budget for the $5000? Can the project fit within that amount?


1. NO PLAGIARISM – No copying of any existing materials in any form of print or media including web pages, video clips, film, unless properly cited and legally obtained.

2. GROUPS – Groups must consist of 2 to 6 students in grades 8 to 12 from the Central Okanagan. They may be school or inter-school groups or groups from a particular organization or charity so long as the ages are within the grade category.

3. NGO – Each team must be partnered with and NGO who is a registered Canadian charitable organization and has a local presence in the Central Okanagan: or the prize money cannot be awarded.

The abstraCt file needs to be sent to whatsyournumber2019@gmail.com, click the email button below to attach your abstract.

Enter your information below to submit along with your abstract.

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